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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Adele Cancels Tour Due to Vocal Cord Damage

Adele Cancels Remaining Shows of World Tour Due to Damaged Vocal Cords: Read Her Statement

Adele posted a very emotional letter on her website informing fans that she will have to cancel the July 1 and 2 dates of her world tour because her vocal cords are damaged.
“To say I’m heart broken would be a complete understatement,” Adele, 29, wrote, noting that she considered doing Saturday’s show at London's Wembley Stadium but feared she wouldn’t be able to make it through the night. “I simply can’t crumble in front of you all and walk out on you in that way. I’m so desperate to do them that I’ve even considered miming just to be in front of you and be with you. But I’ve never done it and I cannot in a million years do that to you. It wouldn’t be the real me up there.” 
Wishing you a speedy recovery.

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