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Friday, March 3, 2017

Rapper Too Short Accused of Rape

The Allegations Of Rape And Sexual Attack Against Rapper Too Short Are No Joke
Rapper Too Short has been accused of rape by a woman who used to be represented by his label.

According to reports, an unidentified woman who was previously signed to Short’s label and frequently appeared in the rapper’s music videos claims Todd Anthony Shaw aka Short, attacked her while they were inside a Los Angeles residence on November 1.
Officials say the victim revealed that she was a virgin and made a point of saying her provocative music video appearances in no way suggest she gave any form of consent. She made an official police report a month directly after the alleged incident.
Sources close to Too Short told TMZ the rapper denies ever having sexual contact with the alleged victim and claims she concocted the rape allegation after he dropped her from the label.
Insiders also accuse the woman of extortion; saying that after the woman was dropped, she asked to be re-signed.
Too Short has not spoken with police and has yet to comment on the allegation, the outlet reports.

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