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Friday, March 24, 2017

Drake's New Tattoo

Image result for drake hibiscus flower tattoo
Tattoo artist Niki Norberg took to social media to show off some recent work he did for Canadian rapper, Drake.  
One shoulder features a hibiscus flower (below), which Drake has been using to symbolize his new project More Life. The other shoulder features a bottle of Drakkar Noir, which is a french cologne, but was also Drizzy’s Twitter handle before he was able to secure @Drake (via XXL).
Image result for drake drakkar tattoo
Image result for drake new tattoo
Today Norberg shared his latest work for Drake, a portrait of R&B legend Sade. Drake recently shared a photo of the two artists (and his mother) hanging out at one of his recent London concerts with the caption, “two very important ladies in my life.” Drake already has a tattoo of his mother (below), in case you were wondering.
Check out Drizzy new tattoo below.

Mystery Woman in Drake’s Giant Family Portrait Tattoo is….His Mother!

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