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Friday, March 24, 2017

Ceaser -- Black Ink Crew -- Doing Big Things

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If you haven't heard of Black Ink Crew -- well you must be from another planet.  The creator/owner  of the Black Ink brand, Ceaser, née David Emanuel, is definitely moving up in the world since the airing of the VH-1 reality series back in January 2013.

Now in its fifth season, Bronx native Ceaser and company have definitely become household names and Ceas is focusing on building the brand.

In a recent interview Ceas says, "Look out for Black Ink Atlanta, which launched March 1st, our grand opening. Also look out for our re-grand opening of Black Ink 113th. I also wanna push out Black Ink Orlando and Black Ink Magazine. There’s a lot of Black Ink things going on, and if you ever get confused go to our website:" 

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