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Monday, October 31, 2016

Louis Vuitton Bags - Real or Knockoff?

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These are very expensive luxury handbags with some costing over five thousand dollars. One example is a chain wallet that may cost under ten dollars in a department store, but make it a Louis Vuitton bag and it can cost almost two thousand dollars. Since 1854 this company has been creating waves in the fashion world and just thinking about owning one of their handbags is enough to make a woman sigh.
Unfortunately, there are some manufactures that have taken advantage of the name and have made and circulated knockoff Louis Vuitton bags. According to research done approximately eighty percent of people who have bought designer handbags thinking they were real are tricked or fooled into buying knockoffs at the cost of authentic handbags. The luxury handbag that is most widely knocked off and circulated as authentic are handbags from this brand.
There are some things about bags from this brand that may be able to help you know a real deal from a knockout. One thing is the price because an authentic Louis Vuitton is expensive and when you see some that "claim" to be original but seem to have a price that is "to good to be true" then it is most certainly a knockoff. A real authentic Louis Vuitton bag will have following:
• Stitching - this is a characteristic of original Louis Vuitton bags that is very important. A real bag is perfectly stitched and will not split open for many years. There are no stitches misplaced or loose threads.
• Metal hardware - if it is an original it will have metal hardware that is constructed of gold or brass metal. Look closely at the zippers because the letters "LV" are imprinted on them.
• Interiors - the interior of bags that are authentic are lined with a honey or red colored canvas and made of microfiber suede, tone-on-tone polyester, cross grain leather, or micro-monogram textile.
• Monogram - original monograms are placed carefully on the authentic bags with all sides being symmetrical plus they have gold letters printed clearly with a brown line passing through the LV logo. The monograms are accurately placed, are thin, and neatly threaded. In some the logo on one side will be placed upside down.
• Tags - the tags are placed inside a dust bag or the handbag but are not attached to the bag.
• Hardware and handles - many of the original luxury handbags have handles that are made of genuine rolled cow leather.
• Make mark - genuine Louis Vuitton bags are made in the US, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.
It is important to remember that Louis Vuitton bags are sold on their website but are not sold in retail.
This article is penned by Lora Davis for Posh Pawn. Posh Pawn is a San Diego, CA based best selection pawn shop. The pawn shop sells best price jewelry San Diego and cheap Louis Vuitton bags San Diego too.

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