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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tommy Ford from "Martin" Dead at 52

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UPDATE 5:31 PM: Tommy's family decided to remove the actor from life support and he passed away today surrounded by family and friends, in Atlanta.

According to sources, Tommy Ford from the TV sitcom "Martin" underwent an uneventful knee replacement surgery and was recovering, when a stomach aneurysm rendered him unconscious and on life support.  
According to TMZ, Tommy “slipped into unconsciousness” during a post-op checkup for a recent knee replacement surgery. Ford’s wife told told TMZ, his health has been in decline since he was hospitalized on Sunday.
Anderson apologized for his misinformed tweet in response to HelloBeautiful’s Editorial Director Allison McGevna.

@anthonyanderson really had no business tweeting this out before his family did. SMH. 
@AllieMcGev @HelloBeautiful youre right i should not have done that but I was only paying my condolences based on what I was told and read

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