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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Female Guns Down 19 y/o Over Ex-BF - Houston

Lee Kendra Childs

Houston police are searching for a woman who gunned down a young mother in a drive-by shooting on Tuesday.  According to reports, Lee Kendra Childs was targeted by the female shooter in an ongoing dispute over a man.
Childs, who would have turned 20 on Wednesday, lived with her baby’s father who once dated the shooter.
“Witnesses reported seeing a black newer model Camaro with standard rims and tinted windows drive by the house and fire multiple rounds,” said Mark Holdbrook, of the Houston Police Department homicide unit.
The woman’s boyfriend was at work at the time of the shooting. He returned home to find the body.
The shooter fired multiple rounds at the 2nd floor apartment where Childs lived with her 2-year-old daughter.  Police said the round that penetrated a brick wall and killed Childs was an “unlucky shot”.
“If you can see it’s just a blank wall, they wouldn’t have had known someone was exactly in there and it was a very unlucky shot,” Holdbrook said.
Police impounded a black Camaro, but they aren’t saying if the car is linked to the case.
Internet sleuths quickly identified a rough neck Houston teenager as the shooter.
She goes by the username Ladykocaine, aka Linglingbaby, on
Her Twitter page is littered with posts about gang banging, drug dealing, and images of weapons.
One image shows the suspect posing next to a black Camaro similar to the one witnesses saw fleeing the crime scene.
Lee Kendra Childs
Posts on the teen’s Twitter account indicate she contemplated murderous thoughts about her ex-boyfriend’s lover for at least a year.
“My plan is to plot for a year. And I’m gone kill them people: Idgaf if the po see this,” reads one tweet.
A screenshot making the rounds on social media reads: “I think I’m really evil enough to eat a mf alive! Like bitch idgaf about you… I’ll real life kill you and eat you bitch. F_ck you?”
Another tweet reads: “Nothing makes me mad about a bitch saying she was with my nigga or whatever cause like I tell him.. the hoe won’t be around for too long”.
Childs worked as a cashier at Walmart. Family and friends on social media describe her as a good mother who would do anything for her daughter.
“I feel very broken, and it just hurt because she didn’t deserve to go like this,” said Childs’ cousin Angel Whitaker. “She didn’t even make it to her birthday tomorrow.”
“Whoever did this, they were wrong and we will get justice for her,” Whitaker added.
Anyone with information about the murder is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477.
Lee Kendra Childs

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