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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Unhealthy Relationships Can Cause Anxiety And Stress

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Anxiety and stress can occur in our relationships with others, whether it be our spouse, children, parents, in-laws, co-workers or a host of many other types of relationships. A good and healthy relationship should be well-balanced and amicable between both people. When a relationship becomes one-sided, smothering, demanding or disrespectful it can create an extremely stressful and anxiety producing situation.
Any relationship in which another person does not respect another person's feelings, property, or their rights, a person feels violated. The feelings that comes from unhealthy relationships cause many emotions such as anger, aggression, depression, resentment as well as an enormous amount of anxiety. In unhealthy marriage relationships anxiety can be very profound as a partner may feel that they have nowhere to turn and that they must stay committed to the relationship due to many factors. In abusive relationships the anxiety and stress is even more pronounced as a person is controlled, manipulated and isolated. A person in these types of unhealthy relationships experience extreme amounts of anxiety in that they are unsure of how to escape such a bad situation and equally more stressful when children are involved. A person can also experience stress and anxiety due to other significant others in their family such as relationships with their children which are either distant, where there are behavioral or discipline issues or a myriad of other factors. There can be problems with extended family whether it be a controlling in-law or dislike between members of a family. Relationship problems in the workplace involving co-workers or bosses can be very anxiety producing as a person can have a hard time being productive and motivated in an environment in which there is distaste coupled with having to work in such close proximity on a daily basis. These are just a few examples to mention but there are many other types of relationships which can be unhealthy and cause a person undue stress.
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Unhealthy relationships break down a person's character and create unnecessary stress and anxiety that is not felt in healthy relationships. We should seek out healthy relationships as it creates harmony, contentment and happiness. By recognizing unhealthy relationships we can be better equipped in moving toward a more positive direction and eliminating these negative relationships which only stress us out and create negativity around us and within ourselves. Sometimes it is hard to recognize that you may be in an unhealthy relationship as there are good times to go with the bad, but being able to identify that a relationship is unhealthy is the first step toward happiness and peace.
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