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Friday, June 10, 2016

Former ‘Shield’ Actor, Michael Jace, Sentenced For Brutually Murdering His Wife

'The Shield' Season 6 Premiere and Season 5 DVD Launch Party - Red Carpet

Michael Jace has finally reached the end of his trial and received his prison sentence of 40 years to life today..
Last month, a jury found the former Shield actorm guilty of second degree murder after he admitted to fatally shooting his wife, April Jace, back in May 2014 in their Hyde Park, New York home.
Jace’s defense attorney, Jamon Hicks, initially asked for voluntary manslaughter, arguing that the killing was not planned and was in the heat of passion. But a prosecutor told jurors that Jace was upset because April, 40, wanted a divorce and believed she was having an affair, although evidence that she was cheating was not presented during the trial.
Jace leaves behind two sons with his wife April, and another child from a previous marriage.

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