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Monday, May 2, 2016

Prince's Siblings in Court for Estate Matters

Boy nothing brings people out of the woodwork like the deal of someone with money.

On Monday, five of Prince's six surviving siblings appeared in court to begin sorting out his estate matters.  It's been noted that it could be worth millions, but because there was no will, this could get very messy.

The initial hearing lasting less than 13 minutes, formalized the appointment of Bremer Trust to handle estate matter of the singer who suddenly passed away less than a month ago a the age of 57.

Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, requested this appointment so someone could manage Prince's estate until an executor is named. 

Bremer Trust is apparently still looking into whether or not the singer had a will. 

"The court is not finding that there is no will, but that no will has yet been found," the judge said.

Tyka Nelson is Prince's only full sibling. He has four half-siblings - Alfred Jackson, Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson and Omarr Baker - were present. A fifth, John Nelson, didn't attend.
Norrine Nelson and Sharon Nelson exchanged a hug in the courtroom, and family members chatted quietly. Tyka Nelson was seated at a table between her two lawyers, while the four others sat side-by-side, just behind their lawyers. No one made comments afterwards. 

There is no word on the next court date of what the next move is.  Let's hope and pray that they get through this with minimal drama so Prince can truly rest in peace. 

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