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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Floyd Mayweather Starts Record Label -- TMT Music

Floyd Mayweather Establishes TMT Music Group
Floyd Mayweather has moved on to his next venture -- his own recording label -- TMT Music Group.

The label's first artist is Lil Jamez, a rapper who splits his time between Las Vegas and Minnesota, according to his Twitter account. Lil Jamez's first release on TMT Music Group is "The Club."

"TMT Music Group’s first single!! GO GET “THE CLUB” by Lil Jamez" he says.

Mayweather retired from boxing in September after beating Andre Berto for his 49th career victory.

He has plenty of ties with the rap world, including a friendships with 50 Cent and Lil Wayne. The G-Unit general cited his relationship with Pretty Boy Floyd for his role in Southpaw. He has enlisted Rick Ross to help him launch the company.

Lil Jamez:

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