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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

How to Choose Your Tea?

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A cup of tea, gently brewed to perfection, is a thing of romance. It is an occasion to take pleasure in solitude, to ease away the worries of the world, to energize and rejuvenate your senses.
To make the right choice of tea to drink is as complex as choosing the right wine, food or partner for yourself. You need to take into account the different notes and character attached to it. You inspect how well it gels with your different tastes and your different preferences at different times. In the same way, every variant of Tea is unique in itself. Every variant will have a different note and character to it and it's totally up to you to identify the same and make a cup match your taste.
To choose the correct variant of tea, you don't need to be an expert on the subject. You can simply follow these basic steps:
1. Colour and appearance: The first point of your interaction with your tea is the colour of the tea that is served. Different variants let out different colour notes to the liquor, depending on the oxidation process that they have gone through during manufacturing. Tea Liquor color ranges from very Pale Yellow to a dark amber/copper. For tea, lighter colour is associated with a lesser fermented non-oxidized Tea, whereas the dark colour denoted fermented, oxidized Teas. Something as simple as the colour of the liquor will help you understand the kind of Tea you want.
2. Aroma: The second point of interaction with your cup of tea is the aroma. Like any other food and beverage, the aroma of tea precedes the taste and you subconsciously develop a like/dislike towards it. Aroma in tea ranges to very soft in some to very strong in others. The stronger aroma teas are for you to refresh, induce energy and make you alive by overpowering your thoughts with its aroma. The softer aromas, on the other hand do not disturb your senses, they let you unwind and be with your own thoughts, thereby creating a positive calm atmosphere around you. This is also very high indicator of the freshness of the leaves that you have used.
3. Briskness/Strength: Next point of interaction is how it feels on the tip of your tongue. Imagine two scenarios. One is where you sprinkle salt on the surface of a half cut lemon, and put it to the tip of your tongue. Other is where you take some maple syrup as smooth as silk and put it to the tip of your tongue. Both of these feeling could be derived out of the consumption of different variant of tea as well. Certain Teas cut through and hit your tongue with their sharp note, where as some soothe your tongue as if your tongue is being wrapped around a sweet silk clothe and rubbed gently. Most people avoid experimenting with different varieties of tea, because they do not understand this nature of Tea. And therefore mistake it to be a under quality tea.
4. Taste: Once the first interaction with the tea is over; the overall taste palates mingle with the tea. This is where the basic underlying character of the Tea comes into play. It should be noted that Slurping your first sip of tea could land you in a different experience all together for the taste. Slurping enables the tea to make contact with maximum palates. Taste of tea ranges from sweet to savory, based on the nature of production, the process to manufacture and also the fusion if any.
5. Caffeine: Once you are done deciding on the sensory appeal of the tea, you should check in on the content and nutrients it offers. Most people consume beverages such as carbonated soft drinks, coffee, tea, energy drinks for the caffeine content. Caffeine is a metabolic stimulant and is used to reduce physical fatigue, and to prevent or reduce drowsiness. But increased consumption of the substance can have its side effects too. Mild anxiety, jitteriness, insomnia and increased sleep latency are common side effects it can cause. Tea in general has very low amount of caffeine content. Highest could be Black tea which will be 1/3rd of the caffeine content in Coffee. Controlling your caffeine intake is very important. You should best judge what amount of caffeine intake will give you the best results.
6. Antioxidants: Second on the non-sensory appeal of tea comes Antioxidants. This is probably the best ingredient that tea offers you in stealth mode. Anti-oxidants have been investigated for the prevention of diseases such as cancer or coronary heart disease. Tea assists in healthy lifestyle with more Teas giving you a large dose of Anti-oxidants. You should always look out for the anti-oxidant content and choose the correct tea that suits your needs.
Consumption of tea is an art, which is enjoyed most when simplified. Once you are familiar with the above mentioned attributed, you will be delighted how perfect every cup of tea feels. And now that you know how to choose your perfect cup of tea, try our range of fresh loose leaf tea from our online tea store and help us offer you the eternal bliss that is Tea.

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