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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

5 Ways To Spot a Cheating Partner

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It used to be a lot easier to have an affair, that is, before the onset of social media that seems to pry into everyone lives, whether we like it or not.
Sites like Facebook and Twitter are full of people posting images of illicit encounters outside the marriage rules.
In fact, I just read for the umpteenth time of a (stupid) guy who posted his wedding photos on Facebook and just happened to be still married to his first wife!
Her 'friends' enjoyed great pleasure showing her the happy couple wedding photo and of course, all hell broke loose!
OK, let's be serious here for a moment as there are some time-tested signs you can spot a cheating spouse because basically, human behaviour is human behaviour.
You don't have to be a detective to spot some of the tell-tale signs your husband is cheating on you, so let's look at some of the signs now:
Sign 1: Appearance Changes
Subtle changes in a man's appearance can be the first big giveaway. Sometimes it's as simple as growing a beard or shaving off a beard it shows some change is going on with the way he wants to look.
If he's not the kind of guy to bother much with personal hygiene then all of a sudden he starts buying after-shave and expensive cologne you should pay attention.
One major sign that your partner is cheating on you could be the way he dresses going to work. Perhaps before he just grabbed the first thing in his wardrobe, but now he seems to be very particular about his appearance and starts buying more trendy gear.
Sign 2: Unusual Schedule Changes
This can be the first real sign of a cheating partner as they have to find time for their new lover without you suspecting. Most will try to invent stories about having to work late at the office or that they are required to do overtime (when they didn't before).
Unexpected business trips away can also be an excuse to hook up with their lover and be on safe ground while they 'play away from home' in the comfort of not being found out.
Perhaps he meets up with old buddies longer than usual these days and what used to be just a couple of hours now sees him returning home in the early hours of the morning.
Sign 3: Unusual Phone Use
We're all very attached to our mobile phones these days, but a strong sign your partner is cheating on you will be how he uses his phone. For example, does he hang-up quickly on a conversation (supposed to be with one of his buddies) as soon as you walk into the room?
No one wants to be a snoop but if you really suspect your partner is being unfaithful checking his call log or phone bill maybe one way to either confirm your suspicions or put your mind to rest.
Sign 4: Displaying Guilt
Not many men can conduct an affair and not have some feelings of guilt. Guilt can often display itself in two ways, the first is to become more short-tempered than usual with you and the family over small meaningless issues.
Another way cheating partners handle feelings of guilt is to show you much more attention as he tries to justify his actions. Either way you will spot some difference in his behavior and this should alert you to a change in your relationship.
Sign 5: Loss of Interest in You & The Family
A surefire sign that your partner is cheating on you is when he shows little or no interest in doing things together or getting intimate with you. He may start to make excuses to avoid lovemaking and claiming he's too tired or not feeling so good.
His excuses may be acceptable in the short-term but if he continues to rebuff your advances alarm bells should start to ring, especially if you've always enjoyed an active love life.
This can be due to the feelings of guilt he is experiencing (see Sign 4: Displaying Guilt) or he genuinely feels less affection for you and the kids and wants to build a new life with someone else.
I hope you find these five signs to spot a cheating partner will help you put things into perspective, after all, no one wants to be made fool of and if truth be told, knowing is always better than just suspecting.
One way to avoid all of this doubt is just ask him, but do you really want to know the honest truth? Maybe not, that's why it pays to spot the signs of a cheat and prepare yourself for what is to come.
You may even start dating again if your relationship comes to an end.
If you would like some more Dating & Relationship tips, techniques and resources visit for weekly updates to help you find (and keep) the man of your dreams.

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