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Sunday, August 2, 2015

WWE Looking Into Legal Action for Meek Mill Using The Undertaker’s Intro Music

Meek Mill twitter rants wale

Looks like Meek Mill has pissed off the WWE for using "The Undertaker's" intro music in his "Wanna Know," track. 
The Undertaker himself recently expressed his feelings with Meek’s choice of sample taking to his Twitter account (full disclosure, this account is not verified, but we doubt The Undertaker gives a damn about a verified check) and posting, 

  1. Disrespectful. Using my entrance as a written song ? Are you that's pathetic , or are you Drake's bitch?
  2. Talk about evil ? Can't even walk a mile of my graveyard.

  3. If that wasn't enough, now The WWE might be looking to take legal action against the rapper. 
    According to TMZ reps for the company say, “WWE takes its intellectual property rights very seriously, and we’re looking into the matter.” 
    Meek seems to be catching it from all angles these days....

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