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Sunday, August 2, 2015

What Are Skin Tags And Moles And What Is The Difference?

Skin tags, moles and warts often fall under the category of benign skin conditions. For the most part both skin tags and warts are always benign and don't potentially become cancerous. On the other hand moles have been known to become cancerous.
Moles are growth on the skin that are usually brown or black and can appear anywhere either alone or in groups. Most of these moles begin to make an appearance in early childhood as well as during the first 20 years. Some moles can appear later in life but the majority will appear before age 20. It is very normal for the average adult to have between 10 and 40 moles. Often as the years pass these moles will change slowly and either become raised or can change color. Some moles may even begin to grow hair.
Most moles are not dangerous but there are some specific criteria which dermatologists use in order to evaluate the likelihood that a mole will turn cancerous. If you notice a change in the color, height, size or shape you should have a mole evaluated by a dermatologist and potentially have a biopsy completed. If the mole begins to bleed, ooze, itch become tender or painful or appear scaly these are also signs that you must be evaluated by a dermatologist.
Skin tags are extensions of skin which often are connected by a stalk like growth. They are usually the same color as the skin or can be slightly darker. These growths are benign and often develop in the areas that tend to be hot and moist such as under the breast, between the size or around the genitals. They also tend to develop in areas that receive some friction such as under the arms.

There are several methods of removing skin tags that do not require the services of a dermatologist and can be done at home. Moles, however, cannot be removed at home using over-the-counter medications or natural remedies and require the services of a physician. Warts can be successfully removed at home with several over-the-counter medications or other natural remedies. However, before removing any growth you should be very sure of your diagnosis because removing what you may believe to be a skin tag can result in copious amounts of bleeding if it is a mole.
Warts are growths on the skin that can occur anywhere on the body and are caused by a virus. These growths can occur in both the genital area or on other areas of the body. If found in the genital area they should not be attempted to be removed at home but rather you should see a dermatologist or your primary care physician. Warts in the genital area are often an indication of sexually transmitted diseases.

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These three growths, skin tags, warts and moles, are common conditions and found on the majority of individuals around the world. For the most part they are benign and cause no further damage. At some point, when they occur on the face, individuals may find them to be unattractive but because there are safe ways of removing them both at home and in the dermatologist's office they usually cause no emotional stress or distraction.
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