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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Respect Is a Two-Way Street - Not Only Should Children Give Respect, They Need To Receive It Also

I was perusing through my news feed when I noticed a story about C.J. Pearson. I hadn't ever heard of Pearson before, however I found the headline intriguing enough to want to learn more.
It appears that young C.J. has taken the internet by storm. I took the time to look at some of C.J's YouTube videos. Pearson appeared to me to be an articulate, educated young man with a great deal of passion about what he believes in, which just so happens to be politics. I found that very impressive.
But here's what I wasn't impressed by, adults bullying a child about his political views.
This is still the United States of America and C.J. Pearson is within his rights to express his personal opinion on politics. You don't have to like his opinion, but it is imperative that you respect it.
I find it astounding, how people will say, "The children are our future," then persecute a child for the audacity to have an opinion. Some of the things that have been said to and about Pearson, are very disturbing. Disturbing to the point that young Pearson has decided to give politics a break due to death threats made against him and his family.
Let's learn to respect each other, particularly our children. Isn't someone other than us entitled to an opinion? Whether you have a child or not, remember C.J. is someone's child. We as adults need to do better by our children and show them some respect. Show C.J. Pearson the same level of respect that you would want shown to your child if he or she were to have a political conviction at the tender age of twelve, coupled with the courage and articulation to express it.
I am quite sure that there are plenty of adult politicians to pick on. The people who are bullying Pearson are acting as though he is the first person who ever made a political statement that they didn't agree with. They should use the energy that they're focusing on Pearson on some older more seasoned politicians.
Whether you agree with Pearson or don't agree, you have to admire his drive and conviction. Further with all of the temptations out there today for our youth, out of all the things that he could have gotten involved in, he chose to get involve in something constructive. Children have so many distractions today that when we see them doing something positive, we need to applaud and build them up, not tear them down. Remember to tear down our youth is to tear down our future.
Carolyn Denise Owens, Author and Writer.
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