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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kraft Recalls 36,000 Cases of Sliced Cheese: Choking Hazard

Kraft Foods is voluntarily recalling about 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles individually-wrapped cheese slices because a thin strip of the individual packaging film may remain stuck to the slice after the wrapper has been removed. 
Kraft says if the film sticks to the slice and is not removed, it could potentially cause a choking hazard.
The recall applies to three-pound and four-pound sizes of Kraft Singles American and White American pasteurized prepared cheese product with a “Best When Used By Date of 29 DEC 15 through 04 JAN 16,” followed by the “Manufacturing Code S54 or S55.” 
No other sizes, varieties, code dates, or products with manufacturing codes other than “S54” and “S55” after the code date are included in this recall.
There have been 10 consumer complaints to date about the packaging, including three reports of consumers choking, Kraft says.

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