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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Beanie Sigel: Meek Mill and Drake Beef Is "Gay"

Remember the whole Meek Mill and Drake’s beef?  Well it seems to have faded a bit, but Beanie Sigel gives his two cents in a lengthy Instagram post.  He doesn't bite his tongue in saying, their feud is "gay."
"First & foremost who really care about Meek & Drake rap beef...That hole situation gay.. Meek said what he said and Drake did what he did !!! Bottom line," Beanie wrote in the caption. "I’m not choosing sides in none of this s***. For one, I can care less plus it's none of my business."
Beanie then goes on to bring up questions about their disagreement, which began with Meek calling out his nemesis for allegedly hiring ghostwriter Quentin Miller.

"Why would Meek care if Drake didn't write his own s*** I don't know," Sigel continued. "I’m going to still bang Drake s*** just like everybody else is because nobody cares point blank."
The rapper then offered some advice for Meek. "Tighten up your circle," Beanie writes. "Get them yes men from around you that's not going to keep it 100 when you make a bad decision, because we all do at times. 'Gangsters f*** up.'"
Wait a minute -- well who cares what Beanie Sigel thinks....

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