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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tyga Being Sued for $1.6+ Mil....

Looks like Rapper Tyga has a target pinned on his back,.  He can't see it but everyone else can, and they're coming for his a$$.  If dating Kylie Jenner wasn't enough, if allegedly gettin' it in with a transsexual wasn't enough, now Tyga is being sued by his former partner over his Last Kings clothing line.
According to reports, female businesswoman Chuon Guen Lee claims they formed the line in 2013 with Tyga promising to heavily promote and get it into clothing franchises like Tilly’s.
Lee says none of those things happened, and then Tyga made off with more than half a mil in merch. The real kick in the gut — she says he started another company with another partner, and cleverly named it … Egypt Kings. Needless to say, Lee is not amused by the wordplay. She’s suing Tyga and his new partner for $1.6 mil, plus damages. (TMZ)

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