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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Outlawz (Tupac's Group) Rapper Hussein Killed In Car Accident

The Outlawz Rapper Hussein Fatal Killed In Car Accident

Hussein Fatal, a member of Tupac’s group Outlawz, was killed in a car accident yesterday, according to HotNewHipHop.

There are no details surrounding the accident.

Fatal, a New Jersey native, was probably best known for his appearances on a number of Tupac records including, “Hit ‘Em Up,” “All About U” and “When We Ride.”

The news of Fatal’s death came from former Outlawz member Napoleon via Facebook.

“From Allah we belong to Allah we return it is confirmed our brother hussein fatal member of the outlawz returned to Allah last night due to a car accident,” Napoleon’s Facebook status says. 

“Our brother fatal did accept islam and We ask Allah to have mercy on him. He was my old group member and friend for over 20 years and he will be missed. Death comes sudden with out warning and we ask Allah to give us a good ending.”

The Outlawz’ verified Twitter account later confirmed the news via the following tweet:

Rest in Paradise our brother Hussein Fatal he passed away in a car accident. Pray for his family & kids at this time!

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