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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Orlando Scandrick Apologizes for Comments About Draya


Orlando recently took to social media to say the wedding is off and it was a “poor decision to propose.” 
Draya responded with:
“It must be fun to watch someone throw stones at a person, so much fun others want to join in on the rock slinging.”
She continued, “I was just involved in a circus and didn’t know I was the clown.”
That should have been it, right?  WRONG...  In a strange turn of events, Orlando has apologizes to Draya. Scandrick telling  TMZ that his previous statements were “impulsive” and he still has love for his former fiancĂ©e.
“I want to apologize for my original statement. I let my emotions fly impulsively. Draya is a great mother, works hard and I wish her nothing but the best. I still love her,” he said.
He also cleared up the more ridiculous rumors around their breakup, including the claim that Draya bought the ring herself and the rumors of her unfaithfulness.
“I purchased the ring. I proposed. There was no cheating involved, we just couldn’t make it work.”
Wait, y'all there's more...  It seems like the two, although broken up, are not hating each other, right!  Well, Orlando makes a comment that seems out of place, but may tell a little bit more about why he broke off the engagement...

Hmmmm...  I don't think this is over.

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