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Friday, July 24, 2015

New York Blood Center Abandons Chimps on Island After Using Them as Guinea Pigs

Revealed: The heartbreaking battle to save 66 chimpanzees and baby left to starve on

After three decades of being experimented on, these chimpanzees are completely unable to gather food for themselves and have to be fed by charity workers in order to survive.

The animals were captured from the jungles of Liberia by the New York Blood Center as infants - and housed in a laboratory where they were infected with diseases like hepatitis and 'river blindness' in a bid to find vaccines. 

When the company abandoned the research back in 2005, they left the chimps on six small islands with little to no food. 

They are now being cared for by animal protection charity Humane Society United States who need $20,000-worth of donations a month to feed them daily.

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