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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Macy's Fires Donald Trump...

Macy’s Inc., the largest department-store chain in the U.S., is cutting ties with Donald Trump after his remarks about Mexican immigrants being criminals and rapists caused an uproar.
petition to get Macy’s to drop Trump had gathered more than 728,000 signatures on the site.
“I’m really happy,” said the creator of the petition, Media Matters executive Angelo Carusone. “Donald Trump’s brand is bigoted bullying. It’s inconsistent with the Macy’s brand, and it’s proven to be bad for business.”
The company said on Wednesday that it will phase out its Trump menswear collection, saying it has “no tolerance for discrimination in any form.” Macy’s has sold the line, which features $70 shirts and $65 ties, since 2004. The Cincinnati-based company also has featured Trump in its TV commercials.
Macy’s decision to drop Trump follows a similar move by NBC earlier this week. The billionaire drew criticism after a June 16 speech announcing a run for president, when he said Mexicans bring drugs and crime into the U.S. and called immigrants “rapists.”
Here's what Macy's had to say right before cutting ties with Trump...

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