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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lauryn Hill Explains Canceled London Tour

Lauryn Hill has been jailed for tax evasion (Picture: AP)

After announcing just two weeks ago that the R&B legend would be performing in London, 

Lauryn Hill takes to Facebook to explain why she is cancelling the tour.

"Hello All, I’ve been informed that I won’t be able to enter the UK for a period of time due

to my past legal situation.  For this reason I have to cancel my concert on July 15th. Know

that  I was looking forward to performing in London this summer, and that I appreciate

all of my fans and supporters both  in London, and throughout the UK. I look forward to

seeing you again as soon as I’m able to."

Love and Respect,


Fans have speculated that the ‘past legal situation’ Lauryn refers to is her brief prison stint 

from 2013 where she was found guilty of tax evasion by the IRS after she failed to 

pay over $1 million in tax.

After serving her time, Lauryn returned to the UK in 2014 – where she was blasted 

by fans after turning up on stage over 90 minutes late.  Not only was she late, but the entire 

show was plagued by technical and sound issues which left the crowd disappointed. 

Hmmm...what's the real reason why the show was canceled. 

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