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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Kendrick Lamar Collabs With Reebok on Gang Unity Kicks


Bloods are typically associated with red and Crips traditionally wear blue.

Kendrick Lamar’s first Reebok collaboration is an effort to bring unity and peace.

The right shoe features red highlights and that the left shoe features blue highlights. The shoe's main color is off-white. The tongue of each shoe says “Neutral,” an apparent nod to the gang lifestyle prevalent in Southern California. 

Set to retail for approximately $140, the shoes feature Kendrick Lamar’s signature and the TDE logo on the tongue and insole of each shoe.

Kendrick Lamar also featured blue and red imagery on the cover art of his “i” single, which was released last year.

“Where I’m from, there’s a lot of gang culture and things like that, so instead of throwing on up gang signs, which we used to, I put a Blood and I put a Crip together and we’re throwing up hearts,” Kendrick Lamar said during a September 2014 interview. "Sparking the idea of some type of change through music or through me because I go back to the city now and people give me the honor and respect that, you know, this kid can change a little bit something different that’s been going on in the community.”

Do you think this is going to bring unity or cause chaos?


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