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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kanye Dresses Kim for Dirty Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian crawling up a dirt pile in underwear is a bit degrading looking some might say. Other's are calling it her "worst photo shot ever!"

Kanye West dressed his wife for a photo shoot where she appears barely dressed and oddly posed on the side of a dirt pile. 

The picture, has critics suggesting that the entire lineup of pictures is “Kim Kardashian’s worst photo shoot ever,” according to USA Today on July 10.

This picture appears in System Magazine’s booklet featuring Kim and Kanye, which is titled, "Kanye, Juergen and Kim." The famed photographer Juergen Teller snapped the images for this booklet, so apparently his name in the title between Kanye and Kim appears there for that reason.

Could it be that this photographer is a genius because however disturbing Kim presents in this dirt pile, it has started one heck of a conversation? According to, Kanye and Kim are getting "slammed" by critics for this odd photo shoot, including this picture where she appears crawling up a pile of dirt."

It was Kanye's idea to dress his wife in a nude-color body suit and black thigh-high stockings and heels for her dirty photo shoot and it's not very appealing, as others agree.

Systems Magazine posted this picture of Kim above on Instagram when announcing the sale of this booklet. They write:

"System magazine is proud to announce the publication of an exclusive booklet presenting a portfolio of Juergen Teller’s photographs of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, taken over the spring at the Ch√Ęteau d’Ambleville in France."

"The booklet, entitled Kanye, Juergen and Kim, will be on sale exclusively, and for a limited period, at IDEA BOOKS, Dover Street Market London and from July 11th 2015."

It's Kayne, did you expect anything different?

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