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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Indiana Police Shoot Black Man While Handcuffed in Police Car is usually full of gossip and craziness, but this is just unreal.
A Black man was taken into custody by police at a southside gas station in Evansville, Indiana. He was placed in handcuffs and being put in the back of a squad car by three officers - one officer appears to draw his weapon, and shoot the man in the stomach.
One officer tried to INTIMIDATE the photographer. Then another man - who appeared to be a PLAIN CLOTHES OFFICER - attacked the videographer, forcing him to stop videoing the incident.
MediaTakeOut tried to contact the Evansville Police department, and they claim the handcuffed man was shot with a "dart". We need YOUR HELP. Please contact the Evansville Police Department and ask them for ANSWERS - Here is their information. #BlackLivesMatter.
Evansville, IN Police Department
Phone: (812) 436-7896

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