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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How To Fix A Broken Relationship - 6 Tips For Sure Success

You might be in a perfect relationship, but then all of sudden, there comes a time when relationship problems seem to sweep across your hitherto peaceful life like huge tidal waves. Things that were once minor irritants all of a sudden assume gigantic proportions and before you know it you are struggling to fix a broken relationship.
Most relationships go through rough patches and this is quite common, especially when couples get closer together and get past the "honeymoon phase" of their relationship. When problems in a relationship arise, it is quite natural to become agitated and assume that all is at an end. On the positive side, however, there are solutions that you can implement in order to fix troubled relationships.
1. Commit To Fixing Your Relationship
The most important factor in fixing your relationship is to commit to fixing it. This means that you need to be aware that time and effort and needed, and you should be willing to put in that time and effort. It is not an easy task to fix your relationship. Doubtless, there are a number of issues that you and your partner need to resolve.
At times, getting your partner to admit that there are issues to be resolved can in itself be quite a huge challenge. If there are major relationship issues, your partner might be on the defensive and it can take quite a lot of love, patience and commitment to fixing things, before you being to make a breakthrough and get your partner to accept that things need to be worked out.
Once you reach this stage, it is vital that you remain focused on the end result - a stable and fulfilling relationship.
2. Introspect On What Went Wrong
It takes two people to make or break a relationship. In most cases, people tend to get so comfortable in a relationship that they begin to take the other person for granted, demand too much out of the relationship and become so focused on self that a relationship can get extremely strained. While it is simpler to look at your partner's mistakes, take some time out to introspect on how you might have also contributed to the breakdown of your relationship.
Admitting your own faults can be quite a bitter task, since by nature, we tend to negate our own errors and focus on the errors of others. Therefore, finding out core issues can be quite challenging, but this is a huge step that you should take if you are to fix your relationship.
3. Communicate Rationally
Communication is the key to fixing a relationship as well as to making it work in the long run. Communication goes beyond just talking - it involves the sharing of thoughts and ideas, as well as understanding and accepting what your partner has to say. Even if you have found that there is something that your partner needs to work on, communicate this in a respectful and dignified manner.
It is human nature to go on the defensive when confronted. Therefore, you need to weigh your words properly and choose them with care so that the idea would get in and your partner will understand that you are trying to fix your relationship and not just hurl accusations at him or her.
Choosing the right time to communicate relationship issues is also vital. You might need to wait up for a while, but choose a time when your partner is relaxed and in a frame of mind to accept what you have to say. This will ensure meaningful communication and increase your chances of fixing your relationship. If, for some reason, you are unable to get through to your partner, do not give up. Wait for another appropriate time to bring the subject up without sounding like you are nagging.
Be persistent but not pushy. This will bear good results in the long run.
4. Work Together To Fix Issues
When you and your partner discuss issues that need fixing in your relationship, work on these issues together. Personal traits and issues would need to be handled, essentially, on one's own.
For example, if you have become clingy or needy, this is something that you need to work out on your own. However, think about how much easier it would be if you had your partner's support and appreciation for the effort you put in. Also, wouldn't it be much easier if you and your partner were to sit together and talk about the core issues of your neediness and insecurities? It definitely would be of great help.
In a similar way, if there are issues that your partner needs to work on, handling these issues together will help speed up the reconciliation process, and will also help both of you to understand each other better. Working on issues together will help strengthen your bond together and will also increase your appreciation of each other.
5. Get Help If Needed
At times, there might be deeper issues involved. If there are emotional issues as a result of a traumatic past, these might need to be handled professionally. You definitely would appreciate the support of your partner if you had these issues and needed help.
Similarly, if your partner needs help, be supportive. If professional help is needed, understand that relationship problems are not going to disappear overnight and this is going to be a test of your love, patience and loyalty.
Time does heal breaches if the right help is received.
6. Let Go Of The Past
You might have done all that you could in order to fix your relationship. However, some people have trouble in letting go of the past. Clinging to the past and thinking about old problems will just cause more harm than good.
Once you get the needed help and fix issues in your relationship, start off afresh. Let go of resentment and look ahead to a better life with your partner. Do not dig up the ghosts of past issues as this will only undo all the good that has been done to fix your relationship and might result in permanent relationship damage that could take much longer to fix.
Looking forward to a lifetime together is much more valuable than looking at memories of the past and letting those memories ruin your future together. Therefore, look ahead, be positive and work together in building a lasting bond that will contribute to mutual happiness.
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