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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Future Says Cheating Wasn't Why He Broke Up With Ciara

'It had nothing to do with cheating': The rapper, pictured here in April 2014, denies he had an affair

First, reveals that he was the one to end his engagement to Ciara and it had nothing to do with cheating.

It was reported that Ciara had dumped Future after claims that he cheated with his stylist; however, Future has a different story to tell.

‘I feel like 95 percent of relationships end with cheating, but me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating,’ he said.

‘We grew apart. When you the man, you wanna make certain decisions for yourself and she wanna make certain decisions. And I feel like the best route for me is to make more music, to go back to Atlanta and go back to my roots.’

The 31-year-old added: ‘Sometimes the lady don’t see what you see. That was a hard situation but at the end of the day it wasn’t about that. I called off [the engagement] long before any cheating rumors came out.’

Future and Ciara have a son, together Zahir.  Let's hope they can co-parent without the drama.  If it's over, it's over.  Who cares why...

Baby boy: The couple, who split in August 2014, have 13-month-old son Future Zahir together 

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