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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SPORTS: DeSean Jackson's Reality TV Show Premiere "DeSean Jackson Home Team"

Washington Redskins receiver DeSean Jackson talks about the Eagles and why they got rid of him in the first episode of his reality TV show, DeSean Jackson Home Team.
Back in 2014, Jackson accused the Eagles of launching a “smear campaign” against him in 2014, the year the team decided to move on from the player who arrived as a second-round pick in 2008.
“I was at the top of the top. And then I got released,” Jackson said early in the debut of DeSean Jackson Home Team. “It was a smear campaign. Things media said about me, I bet you could say that about the majority of people in the NFL. I got a second chance to play in the NFL and I’m proving I’m one of the best receivers in the game.”
“When I was released by the Eagles, I feel they tried to paint a picture that definitely wasn’t true,” Jackson said during the show. “It was a slap in the face, coming off one of my best seasons in the NFL. . . . The Eagles tried to blow me up. That’s cold how they did it. . . . Have I went to jail? . . . I ain’t done none of that.”
Now is it a coincidence or some truth behind Jackson's story.  The same day the Eagles cut Jackson, published a story that suggested gang connections and claimed, citing unnamed sources, that the Eagles also are concerned about his “bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly.”
Last spring, the NFLPA said it was looking into whether the Eagles smeared Jackson, but there never was a specific finding that the Eagles did. Jackson continues to be convinced that they did.
As for the new show, I wasn't all that impressed.  A young man, celeb in his home town with his mom/manager and sister trying to tell him what to do with his life so he doesn't mess up this second change to make big money --- I mean play in the NFL.

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