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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bow Wow's Message to His Baby Mama on FB!


According to recent reports, Bow Bow's baby mama, Joie wouldn’t allow Erica to attend her daughter’s birthday but kept quiet about the situation to show respect to Bow Wow. 
According to Bossip
Erica’s petty must have found a way to shine through her pretty exterior because the video vixen posted the below Snapchat firing shots at Bow’s baby mama. Erica attempted some rumor control after the snap when viral and fans blasted her for talking about the mother of her future husband’s daughter.
Bow Wow later dropped this on Facebook adding fueling to the fire..
I think the media is taking this out of context.  Bow Wow didn't say he wished he never had his daughter, he said he wish he never had a daughter with Joie. 
It's tough with parents don't get along, and I'd imagine being in the spotlight magnifies the drama.  This type of mess happens every day, and in the end, the child is the one who suffers.
People, if your child's father/mother is with someone else and does not mistreat them, let the child be with the other parent.  It's spiteful and selfish to do this to a child for your own personal pleasure of seeing them upset.  GROW UP!

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