According to a report by the Associated Press, Bill Cosby has admitted to giving Quaaludes to at least one woman back in 2005, so he could have sex with her.  He also admits to getting drugs and planning to give them to other women.
These admissions come from a 2005 lawsuit where an unidentified women employed at Temple University (Cosby was on the Board), claimed that Cosby sexually assaulted her. 
Cosby admits, in his testimony, that had did indeed drugged the woman with three 1/2 pills of Benadryl, according to AP.  This lawsuit was later settled, but as you know, there are hundreds of others who have come forward making the same or similar claims, which have all been denied by Cosby.
While the allegations have been many, Bill Cosby has never been charged for any type of sexual assault or rape.
 I don't think it's over quite yet, Mr. Cosby....smh