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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

5 Things to Know About Revenue Sharing in the Music Business

The entire music industry is undergoing a massive climate change. No one can tell you how it will end up. One thing we can tell early on: Every artist will not make it out alive. Here are 5 ways Revenue Sharing will allow you to survive the apocalypse.
1. Revenue sharing will put you smack dab in the middle of profit immediately of course you will not be making hundreds a day out the gate[well you actually can BUT we will save that for the next article] You will be making some money. Maybe you start with just .60 cents or $1.00 a day profit that you receive from owning 1 ad pack. That $18 - $30 dollar monthly income may be the 1st time you have received any money ever in your music business.
2. Revenue Sharing is only part of the puzzle. When artist first learn about Revenue Sharing platforms most of them get so excited that they are finally earning money from their music; they begin to neglect other parts of their music business. As an independent artist you want to be ALWAYS growing your footprint. Not just a single part of the [foot]"print" but the entire space needs to grow in balance so your fans and supporters can easily find you.
3. Although ad packs and credit packs are NOT financial investments they are investments in your music business tools and team. Every ad pack represents a street team member for me; a digital team member. Although this member does not drive the van and hand out flyers, it does float around the internet exposing your art to people daily. Do not be afraid to GROW your digital team as fast as possible. Each one of your computerized "street team" members can create and income between $18 - $30 dollars monthly for you on pretty much auto-pilot.
4. Revenue Sharing in the music business also adds an incentive for fans to support and promote your music. Not all fans are going to want your merchandise and swag. Though they may like you and your music, a $10 T-Shirt is not on everyone's list. We already know that they don't buy music. BUT everyone wants money. So what a fan can do is BUY ad packs to show support for your music and movement. Yes your fans can buy those street team members also. Oh and guess what? Your fan gets paid from that street team member just as you do.
5. Revenue Sharing is not a shortcut to music business success but it is definitely the ONLY way I know that ANY artist can become a paid artist in the next 20 minutes... All without any industry peeps, lawyers, and A&R types. You can begin dominating the music scene on these ad platforms today.
Where Every Artist is a PAID artist.
I show ANY artist how to become a PAID artist in the next 20 minutes.
Enrico Jenko

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