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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Memphitz Wanted By Police for Robbery and Assault

When I first hear this story, I thought what a dumb ass dude..."my weed or your life," "a pink and black handgun..."
So here's the deal.  Toya Wright's (one of Lil Wayne's baby mama's) estranged husband, Mickey "Memphitz" Wright of ATL went to the Club Corners Car Wash on Medlock Bridge Road to get his Jeep cleaned. He paid for the service, $30.50, and left the scene.
Now Memphitz returns shortly asking the attendant for his weed.  Yes, that's right.  In fact, he says, "My weed or your life."  Is it really that serious, and how much weed was it?
When the employee said he didn't have any weed, Memphitz pulls out a pink and black handgun -- pink and black y'all.  He review the surveillance tape with the manager.  Memphitz leaves but returns again demanding the employee's phone -- maybe as some sort of compensation for his missing weed!!!
Another employee calls 911 and Memphitz again leaves the scene.  Well the cellphone was traced to a shopping center in the Jeep, but Mickey, I mean Memphitz, was no where to be found.
The car was impounded and arrest warrants issued for Wright charging him with robbery and aggravated assault.  As of this time he is not in custody.
All I'm gonna' say is thank goodness Toya left this clown -- "My weed or your life."  Did he think, "Hmmm, I'll take is cellphone instead."

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