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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Getting Ready for Summer

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1. Swim Suits - Make sure everyone has a swim suit that fits. Since kids grow so quickly, last year's probably does not fit. If you're passing them down to younger siblings or friends, do a spot check for stains or holes.
2. Flip Flops and Pool Shoes - Do your kids have flip flops or aqua socks or other foot wear they can wear to or in the pool? Now's the time to get them if you haven't already.
3. Pool Toys - Younger children especially really enjoy pool toys. Check out the dollar stores because they always have a decent selection.
4. Calendar - Most people are visual. Print out or get a large calendar. Mark off the days for vacations, camps, play dates, any plans you may have. This will not only keep you organized, but help kids see what they're doing and when. It can also be a useful tool to get kids excited about upcoming plans. If they ask you, "How many days til vacation?" you can show them the calendar!
5. New Games, Toys, etc - To help alleviate that summer boredom, now is the time to invest in something new, whatever your child enjoys. Maybe it's time for new games, toys, puzzles or books. Check out garage sales or thrift stores for bargains in addition to the dollar stores. And don't forget about the library for free books.
6. Travel Entertainment - If you're going on vacation make sure you are stocked up on items that can be easily used in the car or on the plane. Maybe now is the time to get that movie your child has been wanting. Or allow them to download their favorite songs.
7. Boredom List - Inevitably the kids will get bored. Be sure you have a backup list, moms, especially if you're not great at thinking of things to do "on the fly." Include all kinds of things you think your children will enjoy such as making a summer photo album, singing silly songs, having a scavenger hunt, etc.
8. Sanity Saver - And last, but certainly not least, moms, you need a Sanity Saver! Only you know what that is. Maybe it's girls night out, a bubble bath, curling up with a good book or just sitting on the patio with a glass of wine. Three months is a long time to be home with the kids, so preserve your sanity! You know the saying, "If mamma's not happy, nobody's happy!" So be sure to keep yourself happy.

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