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Saturday, June 27, 2015


EPX Body Burn
So you know you need to lose weight, but you just aren't motivated.  The gym is out -you just don't have the energy, and working out at home is pointless because you don't have the motivation to keep it up.

If you're like most individuals, you've set a start date; maybe January 1, your birthday, or just a random date after walking past a mirror and seeing your REAL self and feeling depressed.

What if I told you, you could get paid to lose weight.  No joke, up to $10 per pound - is that motivation enough for you?

If you've heard of Iaso Tea, which many of you have, EPX Body Detox Tea is similar.  In fact, you make it the same, it tastes the same, and the results are the same.  The tea cleanses your body from all of the toxins and parasites that naturally build up over time causing you to feel sluggish and worn down with no energy to do anything.  The only difference in Iaso and EPX is that you CAN get your product.  That's right, 5 days right at your door step.

I don't know about you, but $10 per pound sounds like a real incentive to jump start a weight loss plan.

So how does it work?

It's very simple:  
1)  Sign up and order your tea.  Yes, it does auto ship, but you can cancel at anytime and unlike Iaso, when you call the company, you will get a response.  No voicemails or unanswered e-mails - they will contact you.
2)  When your tea arrives, make your first batch.  It's easy, measure your water, bring it to a boil, add your two teabags and let it sit about 8 hours (I usually let it sit overnight) and pour the rest of the water to make a gallon.  It's easiest if you get a gallon jug of water from the store, measure out 32 oz. to make your tea and add the 32 oz. to your gallon jug.
3)  Now the easy part - drink 16 oz. of tea each day.  I usually do half in the morning and half when I get home from work, but you can do what works best for you.

I would suggest to start, try to be mindful of what you eat for the best results.  If you're going to continue to eat junk foods, fatty foods, etc. then you really aren't ready for the challenge. But if you are really, really ready -- you will see the pounds start to drop.  How does 5 lbs. in five days sound - it happens in many cases.

Now how does the challenge work, let me explain.

First, you don't have to just use the tea.  EPX has a number of great products and you can use one or combine them for a super powerful jump start.

Before you start, you will have to sign up and send in pictures.

You need to weigh yourself - front view, side view, and a view of the scale with a dated newspaper to show your start date.  (Don't get rid of the clothes you are wearing because you will need those same clothes for the after pictures.

After three months YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE, and now it's time to cash in.

Follow the steps in the beginning.  Take your pics, send them in, and you will get paid based on the amount of weight you have lost.

How can you not try this challenge?    For about $150 -- some of which you will get back when EPX cuts you a check, you can lose weight, feel better about yourself, and in most cases be ready to keep the weight loss ball rolling because you feel great and you want to feel even better!

If you try the product and you don't like it, you can get your money back, no problem.


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