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Saturday, June 27, 2015

DMX: America's Dumbest Criminal

I'm sorry, but can somebody please get DMX some help IMMEDIATELY! The man has several arrest warrants, which I'm sure he is aware of, and takes a gig at Radio City Music Hall.   Was his name on the marquee to left the law know that he was on his way?
According to the New York County Sheriff’s Office, Earl Simmons "DMX" was taken into custody for several outstanding issues.  The 44-year-old rapper with a long history of substance problems among other  things, was scheduled to perform Friday night at Radio City Music Hall.
Simmons had an arrest warrant  issued  by the Erie County Family Court for $400,000 worth of back child support, the spokesman said.   Another arrest warrant was issued by the city of White Plains for bail jumping; the city of Yonkers is accusing the rapper of being an aggravated unlicensed motor vehicle operator; and a criminal complaint out of Newark, N.J., names the rapper as a suspect in a gas station robbers on April 5th of this year.
DMX was supposed to perform at  8 p.m.  and he was arrested at 10:30 pm. Apparently, he never made the show. but the old school rap concert went on without him.
Let's hope he is ordered to get some help and he sticks to it this time.  I really used to like DMX and I hope he gets his life together soon.

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