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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Are Waist Trainers A Waste of Money!

There's a lot of hype about slimming your waist by stuffing yourself into a corset and lacing it up until you can no longer breathe.  You have celebrities post pics claiming how fantastic their waist trainer is and how you should run out and grab one.
Well, the truth is while waist trainers may help you slim your waist, it's not by compressing your midsection and having the fat melt away.  Here's how it really works...
Take a look Via CNN:
“Corset training in and of itself does not remove fat cells,” said Dr. Andrew Miller, a plastic surgeon of Associates in Plastic Surgery in New York and New Jersey to CNN.
However, even though donning the medieval-style clothing is not going to change your body shape, Miller said it could indirectly help you slim down. Being cinched into a corset could prevent your stomach from expanding when you eat so you feel full faster and limit your portion size. After a couple of weeks on a corset diet, you could actually lose weight. Yet the same effect could be achieved through other means, such as exercising self-restraint at mealtime, Miller said.
Dr. Caroline Apovian, professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine and a spokesperson for the Obesity Society (a professional society of obesity researchers) agreed there is “no reason” to think the silhouette you have in a corset would last after you took the corset off. “If people like the way it looks, that is fine temporarily,” although it would be better to just wear Spanx, Apovian said.
In terms of achieving weight loss, there have not been any studies showing corsets help. One study tried to assess whether wearing a corset for 12 to 16 hours a day over several months could help people maintain the weight loss they achieved through a low-calorie diet. But participants in the study reported, not surprisingly, that the corsets were uncomfortable, and too many of them stopped wearing them for the researchers to detect any possible effects.

The experts also added that waist training could put you at greater risk of heartburn since extreme compression of the abdomen can result in reflux.
Folks, if you really want to slim down your waist, change your diet and get out and exercise.  Walking, running, hit the gym, do some situps -- anything to get moving.  Make those changes and the pounds will come off!

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