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Friday, May 8, 2015

Federal Grants to Pay Medical Bills

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Medical expenditures form a significant portion of the family's budget and can be highly expensive, even causing heavy debts. The U.S. federal government offers grants and substantial funds to low or below income families to pay for the medical expenses. Applicants can qualify for the medical grants following stringent eligibility criteria and application processes. Submission of proper documents, credentials and medical bills is mandatory.
The grants aid the failing health system of deprived families by offering federal grants to pay medical bills and also by covering any insufficient medical insurance.
Grants to Pay off Medical Bills
United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
HHS is a federal medical assistance program that is dedicated to offering medical grants for the financially challenged people for health support. With more than 300 grant programs to provide, this sector incurs almost 60% of the U.S. government's allocated funds for the grant program. Though a major amount is allocated for the state's health plans yet an extensive sum is segregated for the eligible individuals qualifying for the grant applications.
HHS constitutes the principal unit of the government's health's remedial programs, offering nearly 75,000 grants per annum for varied medical expenses to its citizens ---- families, children, youth and elderly people. The main funding sectors are as follows:
· Money for Medicaid and Medicare costs for the low income earning families, elderly and native people
· Monetary assistance to financially deprived families, offering medical costs
· Financial aid to the aged population that include transportation, meals-on-wheels, at-home services and others
Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)
Backed by the Federal Government, it is one of the principle agencies that offer free or within budget medical services. In 2015, $386 million was awarded by HRSA to nonprofit organizations, states and territories for the care of infants, Home Visiting Program and expecting mothers. The endeavor was taken to offer home visit aid to pregnant women and young children. Even without any health insurance, financially deprived people can avail medical care and support.
Private Grant Organizations
United Healthcare Children's Foundation
Injured or unwell children within 16 years of age can avail grants from the United Healthcare Children's Foundation. If the commercial health insurance plan does not entirely provide for the child's treatment, then the offered grants money from the foundation, which is approximately $5,000 each, can be availed through the health care provider.
The Addison H. Gibson Foundation
For Pennsylvania residents the Addison H Gibson Foundation provides grant funds to patients who undergo expensive critical medical treatment. The grant funds are paid directly to the health care centre where treatment is administered.
The Aubrey Rose Foundation
The Aubrey Rose Foundation provides grants to families for the treatment of children's illness. To apply for the grant, details about child's illness, financial condition and copies of medical bills may be sent to the foundation.
National Association for Colored People
People of the African-American origin also have the facility to avail financial aid for their medical needs through the National Association for Colored People foundation.
Other Medical Grants
Economically deprived people in need of medical grants can also look for assistance from charitable organizations, private organizations, community churches and other religious associations. Even hospitals treating patients offer assistance for the bills. Private foundations like Lance Armstrong Foundation or Elsa U. Pardee Foundation and nonprofit foundations like Lung Cancer Alliance or the American Diabetes Association offer medical support. Moreover, for expensive treatments like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson, heart diseases, cancer etc needy patients can contact their state or local government to receive special schemes and policies that offer funds ranging from USD 5,000 to USD 500,000. Look for the federal grants to pay medical bills today and apply for them for the best health services for you and your family.
Kaushikee is an avid grant writer. She writes for several grant sites & blogs, does thorough research work and accumulates all essential information that makes the blogs informative and enhances their value.

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