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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

5 Tips To Improve Your Living Room Without Spending Any Money

The living room is probably my favorite part of the house, it's where I spend most of my time whether it's working, relaxing or enjoying the company of family and friends. So, naturally I am always interested in nurturing this space and following a recent interview that I conducted with an award-winning Head Interior Designer I learnt a few tips that I now want to share and that will make your living room look amazing.
1) The rug dilemma
This is a mistake that almost everyone does.
The role of a rug in a living room is to define the sitting space, not the coffee table area. Instead, many are guilty of using a rug that's too small and which ends up to only section the coffee table.
So, how to set up your living room space correctly?
First of all, have a rug that is big enough for your area.
If you have a 3 seater sofa then the rug should be big enough to cover the width of the entire sofa, and if you have a sofa suite made for example of a 3 seater plus 2 seater plus an armchair, you are most likely to require a bigger rug to ensure all of the seats are enclosed.
The rug must go 6 inches under your sofa or at the very least, the front two feet of all your seating whether it is a sofa or a corner chair, should be comfortably placed on the rug.
This creates a sense of an enclosed space. When you invite someone to sit with you into your living room, this type of setting makes a person feel like he/she is invited into your space, your circle and makes them feel welcome.
2) The coffee table
Square or round the important thing about your coffee table is for it to fit the scale. Huge seating space with a small table or small chairs with a majestic coffee table are no-no's.
Also always look out for glass top tables as they instantly add depth and style to your space.
3) Scale
I already mentioned this, but it is something that I want to stress and that is valid for every room in your home.
Don't buy furniture just because you like it, if you have a small room, a massive sofa has no business being in there.
Keep in consideration the measurements not just from a practical aspect but also from an eye point of view. How would an elephant look into a 4X4 meters room? Out of place, that's how!
Equally for your sofa, your bed, your dining table, anything that goes into your home, always buy to scale.
4) Bold colors
Over the years trends have emphasized different colors and accent walls, however when you look at interior design magazine or features articles about interior designers' homes, you will see that the walls are either painted with a brilliant white or, dark, very dark.
Don't be afraid to paint your walls dark, the darker the wall the better your colors and your accents will truly stand out.
Dark colors are also creating a sophistication and mysterious effect, so even if you haven't got a big budget to spend on furniture, colors can help you create the elegant and stylish look that you may be after.
5) Accents. Use colors accents cleverly with pieces that can be easily retired and don't cost a fortune to change.
Think table runners, lampshades, throws, cushions covers, sheers curtains (which are back with vengeance, by the way!!), all these are fabulous ways to add smart splashes of color without overwhelming the room.
There you have it: 5 simple tips that will instantly improve your living room. All you've got left to do now, it's take some photos and share them with us.
For more interesting articles on Interior Design, Fashion, Travel, Food &Bar and other exciting topics, please come see us at and remember if you have a doozy to share we'd love to hear from you.

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