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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Manage Your Stress With The Help Of Essential Food Products

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Whether you are working under taxing situation in the office or you are managing multiple responsibilities in your house, it is advisable that you should buy a lot of healthy food products that help you in releasing your anxiety level to a great extent. Here are a few healthy food products that you should consume to manage your stress level in the best possible way.
If you wish to lessen your stress level, it is important that you should eat at least one or two oranges on a regular basis. Orange is a good source of vitamin C that helps you to reduce stress hormone and that allow you to strengthen your immune system. Those who have high blood pressure level and who have high stress hormone level have shown remarkable improvement in their medical condition when they eat oranges before hectic activities.
If you wish to get rid of tension, it is advisable that you eat salmon, tuna and different types of fatty fishes. A fatty acid such as omega-3 is found in these fishes that help you to prevent stress hormones and it offers protection against cardiac problems, depression and other types of diseases. For desirable results, it is advisable that you should eat at least three ounces of this type of fish at least two times every week.
Black Tea
When you drink black tea regularly, you have the scope to reduce your stress level to a large extent. Recent studies have revealed that people who were successful in drinking four or five cups of black tea on a daily basis for at least six weeks were successful in reducing stress hormone levels after tiring activities.
Eating adequate amounts of walnuts, almonds as well as pistachios allow you in reducing your cholesterol level, reducing inflammation of the arteries and reducing high blood sugar level. Plus, pistachios help you in reducing your anxiety by all possible means.
Turkey fish contains a special type of amino acid that helps in the release of adequate amount of serotonin hormone. This type of hormone helps you to feel relaxed and it helps you to remain in joyful mood.
Raw vegetables
Raw vegetables such as carrot, beans, celery allow you to decrease your irritation to a large extent. If you chew these raw vegetables you will be able to release clenched jaws and you will be able to reduce your irritation level like never before.
Dark chocolates
Dark chocolates help in reducing blood pressure level and in allowing you to feel relaxed. They contain essential antioxidants such as polyphenols as well as flavonols. If you wish to remain in jovial mood, it is important that you should eat one or two dark chocolates at least one time in one week.
Milk products
Before you go to sleep, it is vital that you should consume one glass of hot milk. Milk contains calcium that helps you to release your anxiety and to reduce mood swing that is closely associated with the post menstrual syndrome.
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