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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How To Extend Your Wardrobe

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Once upon a time I had the pleasure of working as a Barbizon Model and learned all the secrets to create, maintain and extend a wardrobe that accommodates the fashion world, yet suitable for my personal lifestyle.
Prior to my modeling career, I was the person with a closet full of clothes, yet nothing suitable to wear for the season or, an upcoming event.
The mistake I made was buying clothes that were one-dimensional, impracticable and, subsequently, shoved in the back of my closet with the others.
Sound familiar?
Mom Nature gave us four seasons but wardrobes are no longer preset for any one season. The smart fashionista knows that all-year round outfits can be a hit with the proper accessories.
By extending your wardrobe, you are simply purchasing accessories for your current wardrobe, giving each outfit at least two or, three different looks. This gives the illusion of having a huge wardrobe.
The little black dress should be two-fold; appropriate for the office. Spaghetti straps are not professional in the workplace. A smart blazer or, colorful jacket keeps it professional. For the evening, remove the jacket; add jewelry and you are good to go. A small purse with a shoulder-length chain strap serves daytime. For evening, tuck the chain inside the purse and you have an evening clutch.
The basic pantsuit is always primo both in the work place and for that after-work gathering. An extended wardrobe will contain at least two or, three pantsuits. Pantsuits come in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles. These basic beauties can be worn as is or, with a blouse or, with a camisole under the jacket. No matter which way you sport it, you are always in fashion.
Ensembles are a great find. They usually consist of slacks, skirt and jacket. You can mix 'n' match with colorful, decorative tops.
Go from Business Casual to a night on the town with Dress slacks or Dress Jeans, a long tapered top or, flowing blouse with a wide belt to accent the waistline.
Accessory Wardrobe
Winter means warm, comfy and fashionable, despite Old Man Winter imposing frigid digits.
Chunky jewelry (heavy gold or, platinum necklace; a pendant or, medallion with heavy chain), will give that knit sweater or, knit dress (i.e. turtle or, cowl neck) a touch of elegance.
Lightweight choker or, necklace will grace that scoop or "V" neck sweater.
Spring / Summer
Simply put; outfits with print, stripes or, flowers, make their own statement. They are often considered "busy"; hence, little or no jewelry required; however, if you prefer, a simple bracelet and earrings will complete the "look".
Basic and colorful solid outfits lend more choices for accessories that make a statement and give the illusion of an extensive wardrobe.
Also remember a striped, print or flowered top goes with a solid skirt; a solid top goes with a print, stripe or, flowered skirt - one more way of extending the wardrobe.
Are you a scarf buff? Make certain you purchase them in various colors, designs and, of course, some solids. Scarves are universal and the possibilities are endless.
Fashion and Trend are two different things.
Fashion is forever. It is defined as the "focal point" of good taste and judgment. Fashion also means that everything old is new again.
Trend is a phase that lasts for a season, then disappears and is replaced with a new trend.
Less is more. Simple is elegant.
Accessories make the statement. It is not about the clothes but how you change the look to make it your own. Costume jewelry is preferred and less stressful in the event it is misplaced. For a touch of pizzazz, attach a clip-on earring to the scoop neck, short sleeve or, hemline of that plain blouse.

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