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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Game Being Sued Over Recent Altercation w/Photographer

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Game allegedly attacked a photographer associated with the group serving him with a lawsuit over a recent LAPD Department officer altercation.
According to reports, the new attack went down this past weekend in California.
"Game got into it with an off duty cop during a basketball game last month and sucker punched the guy. The cop has sued game, claiming the punch may have caused brain damage. But lawsuits must get served, so Saturday afternoon a process server went to Game’s Calabasas home to get the job done. He brought along a guy to record the service on video. Apparently Game didn’t much like the spotlight, because the photog says the rapper attacked him, pushing him to the ground." (TMZ)
Now if you missed the altercation with the off duty officer, what had happened was...
Awaji claims Game nailed him with a sucker punch that may have caused brain damage. Not only did Awaji claim Game sucker punched him, he says Game fled the scene as soon as he heard cops were called. At the time of the fight, sources close to Game told TMZ Game threw the punch out of self-defense, claiming Awaji verbally threatened Game with a gun. (TMZ)
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