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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fort Lauderdale Cops Fired After Racist Texts And Violent Video Revealed [VIDEO]

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Three Fort Lauderdale Police officers fired and another resigns after an investigation revealed that they spent time on the job sending n-word text messages and sharing a racist video defaming the president and cut with images of the KKK with one another, reports The Broward Palm Beach New Times.

According to The Broward Palm Beach New Times:
The officers’ names and ages are Alex Alvarez, 22, Jason Holding, 31,  James Wells, 30, and Christopher Sousa, 25. Their text messages include constant use of the word “n***er*,” including at least one mention of “killing n***ers.” Also shared among the group was a video – apparently created by Alvarez – of a mock movie trailer that describedPresident Barack Obama with racial slurs as a movie villain who had to be stopped by “savage hunters.” The video goes on to show images of black people getting attacked by dogs and gun-toting white people.
When they were confronted by investigators, three of the officers suggested that the video was a regrettable attempt at humor, and that their use of the word “n***er” was not reflective of their true feelings about African-Americans.

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