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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Angie Stone Arrested: Knocks Out Daughter's Front Teeth

Angie Stone mug shot

R&B singer Angie Stone, was arrested after hitting her 30 y/o daughter with a metal stand and knocking out her two front teeth.
The altercation started when her daughter, Diamond, hit her in the face.  The daughter's version is her mother came into her room and ordered her to clean it up -- and to control her children who were running around the house half naked.
Angie 53, told police she didn't realize she hit her daughter with the metal stand.  A friend of the family, broke up the fight.  Both Angie and her daughter were taken to the DelKalb County Police Department for questions.  Diamond wasn't charged, but Angie is being held on a charge of domestic aggravated assault.
Angie's no stranger to being arrested.  If you remember back in 2011, she was pulled over for speeding on her way to church and arrest for driving on a suspended license.
I guess Angie lived up to that old saying, "You'll be picking up your teeth off the floor."  This is a sad situation, but what 30 y/o has to be told to clean up their room, and to put your hands on your mother, she'll think twice before swinging on mama again.

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