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Friday, February 6, 2015

Bobby Brown's Family Brawl - Update on Bobbi Kristina [Video]

What the hell is going on here...
Shortly after a birthday dinner at the W Atlanta Hotel for Bobby Brown, two of his family members; Shayne Brown and Tina Brown got into a scuffle - hell let's call it what it was - a fight!
According to reports, Tina (Bobby's sister) struck Shayne (Bobby's nephew) in the head with a bottle. Shayne drove himself to the hospital and required stitches, while Tina left the scene just before the police arrived.
A hotel manager witnessed Tina Brown spit in Shayne Brown's face and hit him over the head with a glass bottle. Tina Brown then left the hotel bar, where the assault took place.
Details of the ordeal are sketchy, but the fight allegedly was over valet parking.  Really!
but I know Bobby has enough on his plate without having to deal with the extras right now.  Just a few hours before the dinner, he visited his daughter Bobbi Kristina, who was at a nearby hospital. 
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