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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bobbi Kristina Will Be Taken Off Life Support on Anniversary of Mother's Death

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Bobbi Kristina's family has come to terms with her grim condition.  According to reports, the family will take her off of life support at Midnight tonight.
If you remember, tomorrow is the anniversary of her mother, Whitney Houston's death and the family wants her to be reunited with her mother on this date.
The two families have been in an ongoing battle since Bobbi had been hospitalized two weeks ago, but they all have finally agreed, 
“This is the only thing they can agree on — that she’s gone [brain-dead], and there’s nothing more than can be done for her,” stated a Brown family source. 
This same source says Tyler Perry stepped in to help both families put their issues aside and come to the realization that nothing more can be done.  Perry will also be helping with the funeral arrangements. 
As if this isn't already enough for both families to deal with, CNN has reported that police are investigating Nick Gordon, who "found" Bobbi Kristina in the tub, as a suspect in this tragic accident - or maybe not an accident.
There were definitely signs of some type of assault, as Bobbi was found with bruises to her mouth and face -- and the question of domestic violence has come up.  Gordon has a history of domestic violence, so this is definitely worth investigating further. 
Let's keep both families in our prayers as Bobbi Kristina will be removed from life support at midnight.  

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