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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Two Toddlers Left Alone Die in Fire While Mom Gets Her Hair Done


Ciarria Johnson is now facing two counts of negligent homicide after leaving her two young children alone while she went to the hair salon.  Four-year-old Ta’shae   ( right) and three-year-old Clifton (pictured) died due to a house fire, according to CNN.
Fire investigators traced the cause of the fire to two gas heaters that were left running when Johnson reportedly left her Louisiana residence. Reportedly strewn near the heating elements were flammable materials that caused the wood-framed single-family home to be engulfed in flames, states a fire department report.
Johnson reportedly refused to leave her car when she arrived at the scene of the blaze and threatened to harm herself. When investigators questioned the 21-year-old Mother, she reportedly lied to them, stating she’d arranged for a neighbor to watch the children while she visited the salon.  According to Brant Thompson, state fire marshal deputy chief, “Investigators later determined that Johnson, in fact, had made no such arrangements and that she had returned home only after being contacted about the fire.”
Neighbor Johnny Hall is just saddened by the tragic turn of events, telling CNN,  “It’s really just heart wrenching, you know?  I don’t know what else to say.”
Meanwhile, Johnson was first reportedly taken to the Brentwood Psychiatric Hospital in Shreveport for evaluation and will then be transported to Morehouse Parish jail.

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