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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stevie J Facing Jail Time Owes Over $1 Mil in Child Support.

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Well, it looks like Stevie J has to finally face the music...
A grand jury indicted Stevie for owing more than $1 million dollars in unpaid child support and now the LHHA star could be facing jail time. . 
Stevie, has been fighting the charges, and has even attempted to take plea where he would go to rehab in exchange for jail time and a reduction of the payment owed.  Ironically, Stevie is currently in a rehab program because he failed more than one court ordered drug test.  
Oh, the ish gets deeper.  There are rumors that Mona Scott Young worked with Stevie to falsify how much money he earned and she even posted Stevie's bail when he was arrested back in June.
Now if you're feeling sorry for Stevie, DON'T -- This man has not paid child support since 2001!!  That's right, 2001 and he owes $1,107,412 for two of his children.  Can you believe that!
I guess we won't know the outcome of this whole fiasco, because Stevie's arrangement is being postponed until February 10th when he finishes the court-ordered rehab program.
Let's see if the Puerto Rican Princess Joseline shows up for the arraignment - she'd better not because she has an outstanding NYC warrant herself. 

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