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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2 Chainz Planning to Run for Mayor in Hometown

The Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball II

“I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park,” 2 Chainz says.
Rapper, 2 Chainz, reveals his plans to run for mayor of his hometown of College Park, Georgia.
“I’m a musician, not a politician,” 2 Chainz said while speaking with XXL recently. “I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.”
“We’ll see where the future lies for me, but you know, everything I do gotta be organic,” he continued.
This news comes after 2 Chainz’ goes up against Nancy Grace during a debate on the nation’s marijuana policy earlier this month.
“I know I’ve been getting a lot of praise and everything,” 2 Chainz says in response. “I definitely appreciate the love that came behind me.”
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